Price £17,999 +VAT

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Now available:  RotaPrint attachment for printing onto cylindrical items. Find out more.

Print Table Size:  538mm x 360mm

Maximum Material Thickness:  100mm

Materials:  PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, leather, glass, wood

At A Glance

At A Glance

  • Print directly onto objects 533mm x 360mm
  • Fast, streamlined print process with easy positioning, start timer, head refresher and other new features.
  • Unique features with ECO-UK ink also Gloss And White.
  • Create realistic textures and high quality embossed effects

The Roland LEF2-200 allows you to create stunning merchandise with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Print directly onto a huge variety of items including gifts, ceramics and much more.

Create both touch and colour with the Roland LEF2-200.

Produce stunning graphics with CMYK, White and Gloss ECO-UV inks.

White ink acts as a brilliant spot colour or undercoat so that colours are vibrant on dark or clear objects.