Protect You, Your Employees and Your Machines

Why is extraction so important?

Any dust (engravers) and fumes (lasers) are a risk. They can be detrimental to anyone exposed which is why employees should always observe all the Health and Safety requirements and be given the right equipment and tools to keep them safe.

This is why correct ventilation is crucial. If relying on natural ventilation, then the danger of airborne chemicals accumulating in the air could become harmful when inhaled in significant quantities. 

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Why do I need an extraction system?

Practically every engraving job is going to release fumes and particulates. Even the smallest of projects! It could create large particles, respiratory dust or toxic gases, which longer term cause more significant health issues. Equally dust and particles can create problems with your machines over a longer period of time, which damage and limit its lifetime.

What are dust and fumes?

There are many industries and processes that create dust and fumes. The most common are where processes involving engraving and laser cutting. They can cause acrylic vapour, fumes and dust leading to unpleasant odours and irritation. This is why it is advised to use the appropriate fume extraction system. 

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What are the effects of dust and fumes?

The risk can cause the following:

  • Skin sensitivity, allergic reactions, dermatitis and irritation
  • Nose, eyes and mouth soreness and irritation
    Dizziness, headaches and nausea
  • Prolonged exposure may cause or accerbate asthma, tightness of the chest and wheezing

Do I need a fume extractor for laser engravers too?

Yes. Even laser engravers need a specialist extractor. The fumes and even the smoke produced by CO₂ laser engravers can be toxic. In fact, a fume extractor also helps to minimise wear and tear of your engraver. As, without an extractor, the generated dust particles can settle on the lens of the laser engraver, causing significant damage. 

At Rayners, we know fume extractors may not be particularly exciting…but they are essential and they are a legal requirement.

They ensure any potential toxicity is removed from the working environment and disposes of them safely. This means that you, your team, and your equipment is safe and protected when the engraving process is being completed. This should be a priority when ensuring health and safety regulations are adhered to and fumes safely managed.