CE Certification Certificates

CE Certification Certificates

CE Certified Certificates

Safety First

Your safety is of paramount importance to us at Rayners. And that is why we only work with prestigious partners like Roland and Gravotech to supply CE Approved machines.

Why are CE Approved machines important?

  • CE marking highlights that the product has been assessed before being placed on the market.
  • It means that the manufacturer has checked that the product complies with all relevant essential requirements, for example health and safety requirements.
  • It means the product satisfies all the legislative requirements to be sold in the UK.

To find out more about CE Approved accreditation and the applicable products it applies to, visit the HMRC website.


FOR UKCA marking or CE marking for new machines

New machines must be UKCA marked or CE marked and supplied with a Declaration of Conformity and instructions in English.

From 1 January 2025, new machinery that is only CE marked will no longer be acceptable in Great Britain. You can find more information on this change from the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Gravotech CE Certificates

Here are all of the CE Approved Certificates for the Gravotech machines Rayners supply:


Laser CE Certificates

Here are all of the CE Approved Certificates for the laser machines Rayners supply: